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Note: We have recently removed the links directly to files on our own server because we have a limited amount of connections available and users were apparently losing their download connection before getting the entire file! It is not cool to grab almost a gigabyte for hours just to have to start all over when someone takes the connection so they can try to find secret hidden "Despot Bathing in Yogurt" pics (You know who you are).

Of course, if you are a site administrator who wishes to host a mirror to any of these files, drop us a line, we'd love to hook you up!

  1. TNM Official Soundtrack

    Download the TNM Official Soundtrack

    Enjoy 25 of the best tracks from TNM's original musical score straight from your MP3 player, CD player, computer, speaker that looks like a rock, or other music-playing device!

    They're digitally remastered to provide high quality sound on even a hardcore audiophile's fancy equipment, but even if you're just listening on a single speaker built into your monitor (sorry, that was a low blow), your ears will thank you for this download.

    And if you'd like to give your eyes a treat as well, or you'd like the convenience that CDs provide, you can order the 2-disc set at production cost, and enjoy the original disc and case artwork as a bonus!

    • File:
    • md5sum: f8d814f105118abbc288bfd4a5325e72
    • File Size: 1.4 GB (1425000243 Bytes)

    You can also listen to individual tracks online using the player on MariusSoft's TNM download page!

  2. TNM Patch 1.0.4

    Download TNM Patch 1.0.4

    Upgrade your copy of TNM with this final patch and see it as it was meant to be, without all those pesky bugs! This patch is cumulative, so you do not need patches 1.0.1, 1.0.2, or 1.0.3.

    Over 500 fixes have been implemented since the release of The Nameless Mod, and all are contained within this patch of hearty goodness. Check out the Patch 1.0.4 article on the TNM Wiki for details.

    Note: The ISO, DVD, and torrent versions of TNM do not include the patch fixes at this time, so make sure you grab this patch if you're using one of those to install TNM.

    • File: TheNamelessMod1.0.4Patch.exe
    • md5sum: 47df0c0d1518b184ecef9b4f2a61301a
    • File Size: 108 MB (112406837 Bytes)
  3. The Nameless Mod (Win32 Executable)

    Download the TNM Windows Executable

    The long-awaited Deus Ex mod, itself! If you are using Microsoft Windows, simply download and run TheNamelessMod.exe from a mirror below to begin installation. Alternately, you could order a DVD . The DVD (as well as the ISO download version below) contains special bonus material, which has been removed from this version for easier downloading and can be downloaded separately.

    Note: This Win32 Executable is already patched to version 1.0.4, so if you download this version, you do not need the patch. This is not true of the ISO, DVD or torrent at this time, although those should be updated soon.

    • File: TheNamelessModv1.0.4.exe
    • md5sum: da34bbbf0188c4cd638463356b6c3cee
    • File Size: 850 MB (890266324 Bytes)
  4. The Nameless Mod (ISO DVD Image)

    Download the TNM DVD Image

    The long-awaited Deus Ex mod, itself! This version is an ISO image of the TNM DVD, which contains special bonus material (also available as a download, below. To install TNM using the ISO download, you can burn the image to a DVD or use special software to mount it as a virtual drive. If you do not have the software to do either of these, you probably will want to download the executable instead.

    Note: This version of TNM does not yet include the version 1.0.4 patch. Make sure you download and apply the patch before playing a copy of TNM installed by the ISO, or you might encounter the dreaded unfun, and nobody wants that.

    • File: TheNamelessMod.iso
    • md5sum: 93ade66692c2586e510c0135a6695311
    • File Size: 1.4 GB (1402034176 Bytes)
  5. The Nameless Mod (Legal Torrent)

    Download TNM as a torrent

    The long-awaited Deus Ex mod, itself! This version contains the TNM ISO listed above as well as the DVD case art and label, hosted by the community. Note that since this is a torrent, everyone's download speed is determined by how many people are seeding, so after you finish your download, we would appreciate it if you kept it available to your torrent software for a while.

    Note: This version of TNM does not yet include the version 1.0.4 patch. Make sure you download and apply the patch before playing a copy of TNM installed by the torrent or you might encounter the dreaded unfun, and nobody wants that.

  6. TNM Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Download the TNM SDK

    Add your personal touch to TNM with the TNM Software Development Kit! This package provides you with the source code and media needed to mod the mod (when used with files already included with the game and the freely available Deus Ex SDK).

    As an added bonus, included in the package are utilities to assist with tedious processes, as well as documents produced during the development of the mod. Of course, the real bonus is that this means you can finally delete OiNutter from the game! Hoora–wait, what? Who wrote this??

    • File:
    • md5sum: cb5e0400b8011ac4833d2219ceefd776
    • File Size: 453 MB (474066844 Bytes)
  7. TNM Bonus Material

    Download the TNM Bonus Material

    A ZIP file stuffed full of TNM memorabilia like a Thanksgiving turkey. Included is concept art, trailers, outtakes, design documents, pictures and other material from the 7 years of TNM's development.

    Note: The contents of this download include spoilers, so you'll probably want to tear into it only after you've played through the mod. That is, unless you're one of those people who reads the last page of a novel first, in which case, you probably don't know what this download is, since you read this paragraph before the description.

    • File:
    • md5sum: 86ea62f41361cb8e966311c8fa91d7f0
    • File Size: 394 MB (412252558 Bytes)
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